Whisker was shut down on December 15, 2018.

We hope you have enjoyed using Whisker as much as we had building it!

Whisker on Gmail

Whisker is a Chrome extension built for Gmail.

Whisker manages unwanted messages, junk, and spam in just 2 clicks.

How Whisker Works

1. Select or open an email message.

Whisker App for Gmail inbox

2. Click the Whisker icon to start managing your email.

Gmail App to clean inbox

Manage your email with these easy to use rules:

Block all existing and future messages from a sender

Block existing and future messages

Trash messages older than 10 days

Trash all messages older than 10 days

Trash all messages from a sender

Trash all messages

Keep only the most recent message

Keep only the most recent message

People Using Whisker

Whisker app cleans Email Teresa H.

"I have so many emails I don't care about. The Whisker app helped me only see what I care about."

Easy inbox cleaner Walter H.

"I've been waiting for something like Whisker for so long... Cleaning out my inbox is so easy."

Get rid of junk email Rebecca A.

"Whisker is so easy to use! I love how I can get rid of all the newsletters clogging up my email in two quick steps."

Whisker by the Numbers


Inboxes Cleaned


Messages Whisked Away

About Us

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Whisker is one of many email productivity apps proudly built with the Context.IO API platform. Our team is dedicated to helping people easily manage their email. Check out our other apps below:

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